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Darshini Bhuta
Dr. Bhattacharjee is very intelligent, knowledgeable and gives accurate analysis and prediction.
Darshini Bhuta Deputy Manager at ICICI Bank amc - Mumbai, India
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Marriage Horoscope Matching – Match Making Report (Detail Analysis):

There is a saying that marriages are made in heaven. To find out a right match for you it is very important. Because if you do this mistake so you won’t get second chance to rectify this, divorce would be the conclusion. Here This marriage horoscope matching – match making report can help you a lot to understand a person before making him/her your life partner so that you can take the right decision. The Report will be made & judged by India’s one of the best Astrologers Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee. This report will focus on following important points:

1. Mental Matching Or Compatibility:

Are both of mentally compatible? Sometimes it seems to be, but the real picture comes in front after you start staying together. That time you find no way without adjusting with him/her, but everybody we have a limitation to adjust, when that crosses, then we decide to end up. Keeping this in mind we have designed this report with this vital point. Dr Bhattacharjee will thoroughly check both the charts and will tell you that whether both of you have mental compatibility or not, and what would be the actual picture after marriage.

2. Physical Matching Or Compatibility:

This is also a very important part of life. A healthy mental and physical match make a married life happy & complete. This part will tell you whether both of you are sexually compatible with each other or not.

3. Health Issues:

You may find this point similar to the Physical compatibility what has been described just now, but it is not. Physical Matching will focus on the part of mainly sexual drive matching but this point will analyse the bride’s/ groom’s health factor, especially diseases.

4. Divorce Or Separation Possibilities:

In this part Dr Bhattacharjee will analyse both horoscopes to see – is there any permanent divorce or separation for a time being – present in both of your horoscope or not. If you come to know the reality so you can take steps accordingly.

5. Financial Progress & Stability:

This is another important pillar to lead a happy married life. In this part, Dr. Bhattacharjee will analyse that after marriage whether there is a financial growth or not and lastly stability of that growth.

6. Gun Milan – Ashtakoot Milan Analysis:

Some people thinks “gun milan” is easily available on the internet for free of cost. Yes, that is but not complete, what you get that is just a part of the whole procedure generated by some software programme, here you will get the full and in-depth manual analysis of “Gun Milan” of both boy and girl with number table, comparison, analysis of each “kuta”. Remember, to match a horoscope only “Gun Milan” is not enough, it is just a part, and it should be analysed by keeping other factors in mind. If all Gunas are matched (36 out of 36), then also there is no guarantee that you will live a happy married life, even it may result into a divorce if other parameters are not matching.

7. Manglik Or Mangal Dosha, Chevvai – Chovva Dosha Analysis:

In this, both of your horoscopes will be analysed whether there is any Manglik or mangal dosha you have or not, whether that is severe or light, on which part of your married life this Manglik dosha can influence & what is its remedy.

8. Bhakoot Analysis:

Bhakoot Dosha makes both you and your partner poles apart. If “Bhakoot Dosha” is present in both of your horoscope so it will make the married life really miserable. In this part, this dosha will be analysed and if it is present so remedy will also be mentioned.

9. Analysis Of Yogas:

Dr Bhattacharjee will also analyse other important marriage related yogas or combinations of both horoscopes & will include those in the report.

10. Planetary Analysis:

In this part, all planets will be analysed thoroughly who will directly or indirectly influence your marriage or married life.

11. Analysis Of Navamsa Or D-9:

This chart is called “The Chart Of Marriage”. You can say it is an x-ray plate of your marital life. If it is analysed properly so it can reveal all secrets of your marital life. You will get a full analysis of this chart with the report.

12. Expert’s Advice:

After analysing above points, if you are still confused, do not worry, Dr Bhattacharjee will give you advice on what you should do & what you shouldn’t, you will get the advantage of his 16 years of experience in the field of astrology.

13. Astrological Remedies:

After all these, this report will cover the remedy part. It will cover more than one type of “Astrological Remedy Recommendations” so that you can choose any one among them.

14. Free 30 Minutes Telephonic Consultation:

After getting the report if you are confused on something or if you want to ask any question regarding this report or if you want to clear any doubt, just fix an appointment with Dr Bhattacharjee for “30 minutes telephonic consultation”. Where you will be able to discuss this report in more details. You do not need to pay extra for that at all.

In one word this is a complete “Marriage Horoscope Matching Report”. All above analysis will be manually explained by World Class Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee.

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