All-In-One Professional Online Astro-Vastu Course Live


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  • Module 1: Basics of Vastu, Elements, and Harmony.
  • Module 2: Navigating Directions for Balance.
  • Module 3: Color Therapy for Healing.
  • Module 4: Plot Selection and Enhancement.
  • Module 5: Practical Vastu for Homes.
  • Module 6: Harnessing Vastu Door Energy.
  • Module 7: Vastu for Bathrooms and Toilets.
  • Module 8: Perfect Construction Timing.
  • Module 9: Vastu for Businesses and Institutions.
  • Module 10: Vastu for Health and Healing.
  • Module 11: Vastu for Big Projects.
  • Module 12: Vastu Remedies and Balance.
  • Module 13: Business Success Secrets.
  • Module 14: Overall Prosperity Tips.
  • Module 15: Marital Bliss and Relationships.
  • Module 16: Fertility and Pregnancy Guidance.
  • Module 17: Mastery in Remedial Vastu.
  • Module 18: Transformational Mantras.
  • Module 19: Site Visits and Practical Application.
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All-In-One Professional Online Astro-Vastu Course Live: We’re excited to introduce you to the “Ultimate Vastu Wisdom Course.” It’s like a magical key that can unlock the secrets of harmony and prosperity in your life.

So, what’s Vastu, you might wonder? Well, it’s an ancient science that helps make your living spaces better and more harmonious. And guess what? You’re not going on this journey alone. You’ll be guided by the wise and experienced Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee.

Our course, “Vastu Secrets Unveiled,” is your passport to this fascinating world of Vastu. We’re going to take you on a deep dive into everything Vastu-related. From the basics to some pretty advanced tricks, you’ll learn it all. By the end, you’ll be a Vastu expert, and that’s a promise!

Ready to uncover the mysteries of Vastu and how they can change your life? Let’s get started! 🌟

Why Should You Join This Course?

Here’s What You’ll Get

We are here with you to accomplish your goals of Learning Occult Subjects in a Structured Way

Live online Lectures

Learn Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, Tarot Reading through Exhaustive Live Interactive Lectures.

Online Exams Series

Test Your KNOWLEDGE through various tests during the courses so that you can evaluate your learning well.

Step By Step Method

This Course has been designed in step ny stepeasy method so that a beginner to advanced students can understand

Practical Case Studies

Our all courses covers Real Life Case Studies live discussion during the class session which will help you in practice.

Course/Class Duration

The course is of total 21 hours, Twice in a week and each class duration would be of 2 hours.

Updated Study Materials

Enrich your knowledge with our well researched & updated study materials which you will need throughout your practice.

The Course In A Nutshell

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