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Darshini Bhuta
Dr. Bhattacharjee is very intelligent, knowledgeable and gives accurate analysis and prediction.
Darshini Bhuta Deputy Manager at ICICI Bank amc - Mumbai, India
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Career Horoscope Report

Career & Job Horoscope Analysis/ Reading – Astrology


Career & Job Horoscope Analysis/ Reading – Astrology : This Report has especially been designed for Job seekers, Employees & Who have recently become Jobless. Do not mix the report with ‘Full Life Horoscope Report‘. In this report, we will only focus on your career and will go more deep into it. Below are some points what will be covered in Career & Job Horoscope Analysis/ Reading – Astrology Report:

1. The Time of getting Job. 

2. The time of the rise in career.

3. Is there any career change? If yes, when?

4. Would the change be good for you or not?

5. The time of Job Change, if any.

6. Obstacles of Career and guidance of  how to overcome those with specific remedies.

7. Enemies(if there) or the person who can harm your career growth.

8. The timing of improvement of your job conditions.

9. The tough time of your career.

10. If you have become Jobless, when you will get the next one.

11. If you are looking for a transfer, whether you will get or not, if yes then when ?

12. Your promotions & Demotions analysis.

13. The remedial analysis for your career according to the position of planets.

14. Analysis of D-10 chart.

15. Dasa or Periodical analysis to describe the career rise and fall timing more accurately.

Free 30 Minutes Telephonic Consultation(worth rupees 996/-):

After getting the report if you are confused on something or if you want to ask any question regarding this report or if you want to clear any doubt, just fix an appointment with Dr Bhattacharjee for “30 minutes telephonic consultation”. Where you will be able to discuss this report in more details. You do not need to pay anything extra for that.

Moreover, if you have any specific question to ask about your career – you can.  

What You Need To Provide Us:

1. Your Date Of Birth.

2. Your Time Of Birth.

3. Your Place Of Birth.

The  birth details should be correct, otherwise, the prediction won’t match. If your birth data is not correct so do not worry that can be corrected by applying the “Birth Time Rectification Formula”. To know more about “Birth Time Rectification” just call Dr Bhattacharjee.

Please Note: These are all specially designed reports. All reports will be with “in-depth analysis”. Like – your natal chart, divisional charts and other astrological analysis will be added. Any Report you choose will be fully customizable, that means it will be designed according to your need. So you can call the above-mentioned number or can consult with us by filling up the contact form at the end of this page before making the payment to discuss what type of report you want. For example – if you order ‘Career Report’, so on the basis of your query and need or problems the report will be made. 

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