Full Palmistry Report – Covered Almost All



Full Palmistry Report – Covered Almost All

Detail Analysis Of Marriage, Career, Finance & Many More……

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    Full Palmistry Report - Covered Almost All


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    Full Palmistry Report – Covered Almost All

    Palm Reading Service


    Full Palmistry Report – Covered Almost All – Online Palm Reading Service: If you want to book “palmistry consultation” with famous Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist Dr. Sankar. Bhattacharjee , first let’s have a look – what exactly you are going to get in this report:   

    What you will be getting in Palmistry Service:

    1. A depth analysis of lines on your palm.

    2. Marriage analysis according to palmistry.

    3. Career analysis according to palmistry.

    4. Financial Analysis according to palmistry.

    5. Education analysis according to palmistry (If you need).

    6. Travel yoga analysis according to palmistry.

    7. Marital problems analysis according to palmistry……and many more……

    8. Apart from all these, if you have any specific question you can ask.

    9. You will get 30 minutes “Telephonic Consultation” (worth rupees 870/-) for free

    You can ask any specific question, that will be answered. If you have any query, you can call +91 8582816498.

    Now you need to follow a simple procedure like below: 

    Example pictures of hand:

    palm c-compressed


    1. Take  pictures of your both hands.


    2. Use any digital or any good quality camera to take picture, so that when the picture will be zoomed it won’t fade at all. 


    3. Upload those while filling up the form before payment.


    4.You also can send your palm pictures through WhatsApp or Email.


    WhatsApp No. +91 8582816498


    You are done.


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