Full 40 Pages Horoscope Report

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Full 40 Pages Horoscope Report

Available In 8 Languages:

English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujrati, Kannara 

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Darshini Bhuta
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Full 40 Pages Horoscope Report

Full Horoscope Report

This 40 Pages report is the combination of three popular systems:-


Parashari Astrology System (according to parashara hora shastra), 

Kp system astrology or krishnamurti paddhati

and Jaimini Astrology Or Jaimini System Of Astrology

Full Horoscope Report

Available In 8 Languages:

English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujrati, Kannara


 This Report will cover following Astrological Details:

1. Your Full Astrological Details. 

2. Your Lucky & Unlucky Chart including days, month, colour etc.

3. Lagna Chart/ Kundli.

4. Chandra Chart/ Kundli.

5. Bhav Chalit.

6. Hora.Chart

7. Drekkan Chart

8. Chaturthmsa Chart

9. Saptamamsa Chart

10. Navamsa Chart

11. Dashamamsa Chart

12. Dwadasamasa Chart

13. Shodasamamsa Chart

14. Vimshamsa Chart

15. Chaturvishmamsa Chart

16. Saptavishmamsa Chart

17.  Trimshamsha Chart

18. Khavedamsha Chart

19. Akshvedamsha Chart

20. Shashtiamsha Chart

21. Sun Based Upagrahas Chart

22.  Weekday Based Upagrahas (Parashara).

23.  Weekday Based Upagrahas (Kalidasa)

24. Bhinn Ashtak Varga

25.  Ashtak Varga (Before Reduction)

     a. After Trikon Shodhan.

     b.  After Ekadhipatya Shodhan

     c. Shodhya Pinda

     d. Panchadha

26. Sudarshan Chakra

27. Planetary Karakas

28.  Planetary Avasthas

29. Nav Tara Chakra

30. Planetary Conjunctions and Aspects Table

31. Parashari Aspects

32. Shani Sade Sati Or Sade Sati Of Saturn Report Table

33. Shad Bala Table

34. Krishnamurthy House Cusps

35. House-Planet Significators & House Significators Strength

36. Planets as Significators for Houses

37.  Houses Signified by Planets

38. Sub Lords As Significators

39. KP Lagna Kundli

40. KP Bhav Chalit

41. Jaimini Lagnas and Sphutas

42. Jaimini Lagna Kundlis with all divisional charts

43. Jaimini Sphutas

44. Jaimini Karakas or significators

45. Jaimini Aspects

46. Vimshottari  Mahadasha

47. Vimshottari Antardasha

48. Vimshottari-Pratyantar

49. Trivagi Dasha

50. Yogini Dasha

51. Shat-Trimsha Dasha

52. Planetary Yogas Analysis According To Your Charts.

53. Results of Planetary Aspects Analysis According To Your Charts

54. Astrological Predictions According To Your Horoscope varies chart to chart

55. Astrological Remedial Analysis

You will get this report in PDF format, and it will be sent to your E-Mail address.


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